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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dead Jihadist: "Cover him over 'fore he stinks, boys"

Police escort dead guy: the hospital is redundant
Barack Hussein Obamaville, Indonesia --  The most wanted Muslim militant terrorist was blown away in a gunfight with security forces, a top minister reported Tuesday. It is a feather in the prayer kepis of the government and their counterterrorism campaign.

One can say that the vice is tightening on the nut-sacks of an ever-decreasing band of Islamic extremists in the jungles of Sulawesi Island.

Abu Wardah Santoso (his friends used to call him 'Abubu') was one of two scumcrumpets shot to death Monday, according to the Coordinating Minister for Security, Political and Legal Affairs and town barber, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan. 

The other sludge-rodent was a guy known as Mochtar. It was originally believed that Santoso's deputy, another guy with apparently one name, Basri, was killed, but alas, the police were mistaken.

Santoso headed the East Indonesia Muhahideen, a militant religious Islamic group that claimed allegiance to the Islamic State in 2014. They've been dodging and weaving authorities for five years.

Approximately 2,500 security personnel began to intensify operations in Poso, a mountainous district of Central Sulawesi province. Poso is an extremist hotbed, much like our White House, and it was only with great effort, cleaned and loaded weapons, and a determination to "do unto others . . . " that security forces were able to get these guys.

"The strength of this extremist group will definitely weaken after the death of Santoso," Pandjaitan said as he kept cutting hair. "We will increase our forces to pressure the rest of the members." 

The group still has about 19 members after over 20 were captured or sent to Paradise over the past year. According to some experts, Paradise is getting low on 'regular' virgins and needed to substitute some of Osama bin Laden's pornography videos to keep them busy until a new batch arrives from Saudi Arabia.

Santoso, who was once mistaken as Italian based on his name, was wanted by authorities for running an illegal radical training camp in Poso, a hell-hole where a Muslim-Christian conflict killed over 1,000 people from 1998 to 2002. He has also been linked to many deadly attacks agains police officers and Christians and probably belonged to the Democratic party based on his politics and sentiments about authority figures not named "Mohammed" or "Allah."

Like many Indonesian extremists and members of Black Lives Matter, Santoso's top enemy became the police after they broke up his jihadist training camp in 2010. 

Santoso vowed revenge and succeeded in killing six police officers. Security was raised at airports, foreign embassies, shopping centers and the presidential palace in Jakarta after he appeared in a video threatening more attacks on police and other targets.

But now he's dead along with Mochtar, their bodies identified at a police hospital in the capital of Central Sulawesi. Unfortunately, three others escaped the shootout on Monday, two of whom were women disguised as tents.