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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

U.S.-Backed Syrian Rebels Beheads Child

U.S.-backed Syrian rebel mujahideen group Nour-al-din el Zanki beheaded a child (believed to be around 12) as they screamed "Allahu Akbar." The 'tough guys' made a video to show their barbarism. The child's name was Abdullah Issa.

The video shows the fighters telling the camera, "These are the prisoners from Liwa al-Quds (Jerusalem Brigade--a Palestinian militia group). He [Assad] cannot stoop any lower--he sent us children today. Are you sending us children?"

We fund these scumbags because they fight against the Assad regime, but do we actually know what the hell we're doing under this administration?

Nour-al-din el-Zanki accused the boy of being a spy, and one rebel said of the child, "These are the dogs of Assad. These are you people, Bashar."

Another rebel says in the video, "We shall not leave anyone in Handarat," referring to the Palestinian refugee camp where the regime and rebel forces is currently fighting.

The shouts of "Takbir" and "Allahu Akbar" ring out as one 'brave' fighter saws through the child's neck, then holds the head aloft as he shouts "Allahu Akbar!" 

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights official Rami Abdel Rahman told France Press that "The child is no more than 13-years-old. He was arrested today in the area of Handarat, but the slaughtering happened in el-Mashab neighborhood.

Reports on Issa's age vary from 11 and 13. Some believe he was an 11-year-old Palestinian child from Handarat, while others claim that he was a Syrian from Homs.

"This is one of the most terrible execution acts that I have seen since the revolution began in Syria," Rahman said.

Nour-al-din el-Zanki condemned the beheading claiming that it was performed by those who do not represent the group. "All of the people who carried out this violation have been arrested and brought before a disciplinary tribunal," a group statement read.

"The movement of Nour-al-din el Zanki condemns the inhuman violation, since they believe in the principles and the targets of the revolution and the principle of human rights and the international agreements and the sharia. This violation doesn't reflect us and a one-time mistake does not reflect the general policy of the movement," the statement read.

The group's statement also blamed international actors stating that the group "holds the international community full responsible for keeping silent about the crimes regime forces are perpetuating which represent the lowest level of barbaric crimes committed under the ears and the eyes of the world and are represented by a killing machine which slaughters thousands of citizens."

Liwa al-Quds denied any connection with Issa, but this group, and other Islamic groups, have been known to use taqiyya to get what they want. They should be trusted like you would trust Hillary Clinton with your computer files.

Let's see what happens to these barbarians. I suspect they'll get the James Comey treatment.