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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Germany's Integration Law

Finally after months of back and forth arguing, the German coalition government has agreed to a "new Integration law." Its aim at defining and regulating the rights and responsibilities of asylum seekers. 

Specifically, the law encourages refugees to learn enough basic German to get off their butts and find a job that will help pay their living expenses.

Last year over 1.1 million migrants entered Germany, and of those, 476,649 have applied for asylum while the remainder hid in the shadows and turned to crime and drug dealing. About 49% of the migrants who applied for asylum were rejected over the last two years, but they haven't left Germany, according to leaked government reports.

Chancellor Angela Merkel called the new law a "milestone," and her Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said that it represents a "true paradigm shift in Germany," or a fundamental change in the approach to fundamental assumptions.

Critics say the law is mostly a symbolic  measure designed to reassure voters and assuaging the dramatic rise of the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany party. 

Yes, they actually formed a party to counter the insanity of German immigration from Africa and the Middle East simply because it's ruining their country.

The Integration Law was announced May 25 after a 2-day conference in Schloss Meseberg (literally "Drunken Mice," I believe) a castle north of Berlin. The new law would make socialist Bernie Sanders proud as it gives the government an active role in the integration process.

Key components of the law include:
Integration Courses: to learn the German culture, society and values. It will expand from 60 to 100 hours and the available slots will increase ten-fold to 200,000 nationwide. It will be obligatory for all asylum seekers and those who refuse to attend will have  their social welfare benefits will be cut and will thus have to turn to crime. Very well thought out.
Language Courses: Asylum seekers will now be permitted to apply for language courses six weeks after arrival (it used to take three months), regardless of whether their asylum applications have been processed or if they are members of any terrorist organizations. "All's fair in immigration and war." Thus, all refugees seeking permanent residency must be proficient in German, for now, but in the future, all Germans will need to be proficient in Arabic. 
Work Programs: the government will create 100,000 low-wage jobs paid for by the taxpayers of Germany whether they like it or not. Refugees who refuse to work will not be sent out of the country but will get a reduction in welfare benefits and in order to provide for themselves, will likely turn to crime. 
Labor Laws: will be relaxed to encourage private German companies to hire refugees, even if better qualified German or EU citizens are available because that's the liberal way--take care of people who hate your country, rape your women and indoctrinate your children to their way of death. 
Ghetto Prevention: regional government will determine where refugees will live, either by banning them from certain areas (German "no-go zones") for the next 3 years. The objective is to prevent refugees from forming "no-go zones" that become dangerous enclaves for normal (non-Muslim) German people. 
Permanent Residency: refugees who are proficient in German, ja, and can be grownup by supplying for their own upkeep, can apply for permanent residency after 5 years, provided they don't fight for ISIS or any other terrorist group.
Speaking to the proliferation of migrant rapes of German women, the document states: "We will not accept assaults on women, children and others in need of protection, whether such attacks are directed against German citizens or against refugees."

Wow--that ought to scare the crap out of those refugees who rape and murder. It makes as much sense as gun control in the USA.

On a lighter note, the law only applies to legitimate asylum seekers--people who would probably obey the law--not to the hundreds of thousands of migrants from the Middle East, Asia and Africa who entered Germany illegally by lying about being asylum seekers.

Germany is gone.