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Saturday, May 28, 2016

New weapon will kick butt and take names

The Navy has developed a new weapon that fires a 25-pound projectile at 4,500 miles an hour. It doesn't use gunpowder so it's environmentally friendly if you're not the target, and it can fire that projectile through seven steel plates and leave  5 inch hole.

It's nearly impossible to defend against so I'm expecting President Obama to scrap the project or at the very least, share it with an Islamic country. I hope I'm wrong.

The weapon known as a railgun doesn't even use explosives. It's powered by electromagnetic rails that accelerate a hardened projectile faster than a speeding bullet. Hopefully, if Obama doesn't screw this up, it will keep us ahead of the Chinese and Russians.

Unlike a recurve bow, where the arrow loses velocity once the string is released, the railgun projectile gains speed as it travels the 32-foot barrel and exits at over a mile per second. That's more powerful than a locomotive. That's Mach 6 fast!

Rather than going "Boom!" the railgun projectile goes "Bahdahbing!" not unlike a baseball bat upside the head.