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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Cowards attack the dead to avoid counterattacks

Cowards in Los Angeles, a town in Kentucky and a Civil War veterans cemetery in Virginia damaged memorials to veterans who served and give these scumcrumpets the right to protest. 

But they do not have the right to destroy.

It was easy for them to deface a Civil War cemetery--they knew the veterans there were dead and unable to kick their cowardly butts.

The Vietnam War memorial was a bit more difficult as many of us veterans of that war are still alive. So they had to do it more covertly. The memorial is a block-long wall on Pacific Avenue and lists the names of American MIAs.

In Henderson, Kentucky, police say a coward plowed through a 5,000 cross display that honors the names of veterans who died in wars dating back to the Revolutionary War. 

People who show blatant disrespect for veterans must be envious of those who clearly showed more courage and sacrifice than these sneaky individuals. Anyone who says that they did it as a protest against war need to explain why they did it in such a cowardly fashion.

Do you have any doubts who these morons are hoping becomes our next president? Hint: he's a Brooklyn-born liberal Jew who hates Israel,  got married in Russia and supports all causes un-American.

No, not George Soros--the other guy.