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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Trump would possibly nuke ISIS into "ISNTISNT"

Frontrunner and self-proclaimed deal maven and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump told NBC's "Today" on a telephone interview that if it came down to using a nuclear weapon on ISIS, he wouldn't rule it out.

He also wouldn't rule out kidnapping imams from US mosques and putting a towel over their face while pouring water and asking questions as they lay on their back.

Trump said that when it came to nuking ISIS that he'd be the last person to do so. Yes, I suppose anyone who would nuke ISIS or any other group, would be the last person to do so--nukes tend to finish the job for you.

"It's a horror to use nuclear weapons," Mr. Obvious said. "The power of weaponry today is the single greatest problem that our world has. It's not global warming, like our president said. It's the power of weapons, in particular, nuclear."

Then he went on, "I will be the last to use it. I will not be a happy trigger like some people might be." [I believe he meant "trigger happy" but with Trump's use of the language, you can never tell.]

The radio interview came after Trump gave a speech on foreign policy; a speech where he had help writing it, and used a TelePrompter to deliver it. Some liked the speech while others said it contradicted itself on policy and never got very specific.

But don't worry; like Obama making the oceans rise, Donald Trump will defeat Hillary, destroy ISIS 'fast', build a wall that Mexico will pay for, create millions of jobs and bring back jobs from overseas, pay off the $19 trillion debt within his 8 years in office, rebuild the military, create something better than Obamacare, make foreign nations that we protect pay for our protection, deport 12  million illegal aliens, and make America great again.

Or not.