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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mystery: Rutgers allows anti-Christian "art" but not anti-Islamic "art"

Rutgers University, New Jersey -- Some brave artists with vivid imaginations have created a work of art where Muhammad is pinned and crucified on a dartboard by three huge darts. It's very interesting and original. 

Oh, wait . . . it wasn't actually a likeness of Muhammad, it was Jesus Christ of Nazareth. My mistake.

I was worried there for a moment--imagine if I was right and it was Muhammad instead of Jesus pinned to that dartboard. Heads would roll on the Rutgers campus--literally. So-called moderate Muslims would shout "Islamophobia!" and students would flee to their safe spaces.

It kind of reminds me of the "Piss Jesus" work of "art." Nobody died for that one either--it wasn't like some cartoon depicting Christ in an unflattering way--that would call for violence on the cartoonists. 

But Christians don't react violently to people who disrespect their religion; only Muslims do.

And the Rutgers administration is too frightened to allow any insults to the religion of peace (LOL) to be expressed on campus because they know the consequences. On the one hand they call for freedom of expression when it's derogatory "artwork" on Christianity or other non-Islamic religions, but call it "hate speech" when it's derogatory against Islam.

Jihad Watch founder Robert Spencer satirically writes: "A cartoon of Muhammad warning the artist not to draw him; that's an outrage. Don't you respect Muslims as human beings, you right-wing bigot." He goes on to say that "this is the kind of "respect" being irrationally violent will win you."

But it's clear that Rutgers officials knew that they had nothing to fear with Christians, so it's okay to mock Jesus--knock yourself out.

To a religious Christian seeing this crappy creation inside the campus library, it must be sickening. 

The Rutgers puss-tards finally removed the exhibit from the library, not because it was offensive and sacrilegious, but because it violated library policy. People had complained about it and I wonder if they would have removed it had they not received complaints, even though it "violated library policy" in any case.

I hope conservatives, religious and otherwise, refuse to send their kids to Rutgers, or at least teach them to speak out against hypocrisy like this.