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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Trump and the Appotus

Would you buy my product if I promise it will change once you buy it? That's what Donald Trump is promising you if you vote for him. "I'll be more presidential," he says, but then makes fun of himself pretending to be presidential.

Make no mistake, if Trump gets the nomination, and I suspect he will, I will vote for him. I will vote for any Republican, RINO or any other brand of conservative, rather than vote for a lying, incompetent, gender card poseur and felon, or an aged socialist Senator whose only other job was writing pornography.

Now Trump isn't apparently "toning it down" in spite of saying he would--so what should we believe about Mr. Trump? 

I believe he will act exactly how he thinks people want him to act. As a TV entertainer (beside being a real estate mogul), he knows how to be a showman. As a president of the United States of America, he may simply be a showman who doesn't know how to be a president.

ISIS, al Qaeda, the Taliban, Al Shabaab, al Nusra, Hamas and Hezbollah, just to name a few, doesn't do business deals.