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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Trump supporters make death threats to GOP delegates

Speaking out against Donald Trump, or interfering with his nomination by following the GOP rules, could get a guy killed.

Politico reported that the Colorado GOP chairman, Steve House, received an email warning him to hide his family and "pray you make it to Cleveland." House also received a call on his cell phone telling him to put a gun down his throat.  "I'll call back in two minutes and if you're still there, I'll come over and help you," House recalled.

The threats began when Trump received zero delegates at the Republican state assembly in Colorado Springs and Trump responded by saying the nomination process is rigged.

Perhaps he's right, but if he isn't able to follow the directions in the nominating process like the other two candidates, and he isn't able to follow the directions from his barber, how is he going to run a country whose direction is screwed up since Obama became dictator?

Trump's supporters have a right to be angry, after all, he has the most votes and why should delegates have the ability to go against the will of the people? But threatening the life of someone and his family sounds a bit ISIS-ish. 

And Trump needs to be more clearly against violence and a lot less juvenile when he tweets.

Politico says that House has already received between 4,000 and 5,000 calls on his cell phone--some productive, some threatening, which he has referred to law enforcement.

House isn't the only person receiving cowardly threats--many other party leaders are telling the same story. One party chair was promised "bloodshed" if Trump doesn't win the nomination. Another, an Indiana delegate critical of the Donald got a "Big Brother-ish" note warning against "traditional burial," ending with "We are watching you." 

While most of these threats are anonymous, Trump has created a combative atmosphere against his own party, although I don't believe he believes he's a real conservative. 

What he is, I believe, is a highly narcissistic man who's over his head but too narcissistic to bow out. If I'm wrong, then he's simply a highly narcissistic man who is a "television conservative" and an actual liberal who will say and do most anything for votes.

Not unlike every other politician in the world.