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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Secret docs may be released, a little

Graham making the "safe" call
Washington -- In an unprecedented move, President Obama may actually bow (a little) to the will of the people by releasing part of the 28-page secret chapter from the congressional inquiry into the 9/11 attacks.  The inquiry may reveal a possible Saudi connection to the attackers, and if it doesn't, then I Obama needs to release all 28 pages.

The pages are being kept under lock and key in a basement of the Capitol. They address specific sources of foreign financing and may have provided pocket Koran and camel cheesecake photos for some of the hijackers (possibly the 15 of the 19 who were Saudi nationals) while they were in the U.S. preparing to kill infidels as per Wahhabi custom.

Bob Graham, former co-chairman of the bipartisan panel say the documents point a suspicion at the Saudis, and others agree. Of course, the Saudis deny any and all involvement with providing support for the terrorists, but since when did taqiyya fall out of favor with jihad?

Graham, a former Democratic senator from Florida, revealed that he was told by an administration official that intelligence officials will decide over the next few weeks whether to come clean with the American public, or remain keeping us in the dark. They plan to use the "it's all for national security" ploy if the documents are kept from us.

But as luck would have it, President Obama has declared himself to be the "most transparent president in the history of the world," so stay tuned for more on the documents.

For now, rest assured that the documents are safe.