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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Bernie Sanders: failed hippie

Bernie Sanders tawks about Wall Shhtreet as if he had first hand experience with the wheeler-dealers, but the closest he has come to a serious job (beside being a senator) was to write rape fantasy porn. It is also alleged that Bernie was obsessed with underage sex

In a book by Kate Daloz that is being released Tuesday, it says that Sanders was kicked out of a Vermont commune for failing to pull his share of the required work. 

In other words, Sanders was a failed hippie.

His first wife lived with him on the spartan commune in a "maple sugar shack" with a dirt floor. Sanders was unemployed and as poor as a synagogue mouse (he's Jewish but doesn't often talk about it because it may detract from getting votes from the anti-Zionist left). 

His wife was no fool--she left him.

Bernie took to carpentry but he kept hitting his finger with the hammer when trying to sink a nail. One of the interviewees of Daloz, a person named Barnett, said, "The electricity was turned off a lot. I remember him running an extension cord down to the basement. He couldn't pay his bills."

So he had the people upstairs pay the bills for him.

Daloz writes: "He worked some as a carpenter, although 'he was a shitty carpenter,' Bloch told me."
"Will I live to the end of my first term?
Let's find out together."

Bernie was asked to leave the commune the same summer for "sitting around and talking" instead of working. The commune's residents were busting butt while Sanders sat on his, talking to some of the workers, which kept them from doing their tasks.

That was the last shhtraw, so to speak.

Sanders isn't even a good socialist, which makes him the perfect liberal.