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Sunday, April 24, 2016

The twuble with Twitter

Waterbury, CT -- The word is that Trump supporters are a bunch of racist crazies who would still vote for the guy if he shot someone on Broadway in Manhattan. 

That may or may not be true, but a 20-year-old Connecticut male is being charged with tweeting a bomb threat during a Trump rally Saturday. Good ole Twitter is the new phone threat of the century.

Connecticut State Police report that the U.S. Secret Service contacted them Saturday about the Sean Morky tweet stating: "Is someone going to bomb the trump rally or am I going to have to?"

How quaint.

That tweet was followed with a warning to a friend to have his family leave the rally so they wouldn't get hurt where Trump was appearing in Bridgeport yesterday.

The tweets were twacked to a Waterbury home where they found the tweeter. The scrawny young male didn't pose a threat except, perhaps, to insects, but was taken into custody and released on $25,000 bond. 

Morky immediately went home to his "safe space," changed his underwear, then played Clash of Clans for seven hours, refusing to comment to the media.