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Friday, April 15, 2016

Terrorist mistakes his own neck for that of a Jew?

New York -- Ahmed the Terrorist confessed to plotting the bombing of a New York City synagogue and has already served 5 years of a mere 10 year sentence. 

Currently, Ahmed is in a medically induced coma (which qualifies him as a liberal) after he tried to kill himself in prison after guards allegedly tormented him, his lawyer claims. They allegedly did so because of his terrorist inclinations one supposes.

His full name is Ahmed Ferhani (aka Furball, aka Mohammad) and is serving time upstate at Attica prison.

"He was neither protected nor acknowledge" in prison, according to his lawyer Lamis Deek (aka Big Deek, aka Deek Steefnehr) and called the terrorist's treatment "an outrage."

After all, the only thing Ahmed wanted to do is kill himself some Jews. What's wrong with that? Half the liberal colleges in the country don't have a problem letting Israel be annihilated, so what's a synagogue or two amongst anti-Semites?

The Corrections Department said that Ahmed, 31, (ironically the same exact number of his IQ) has been taken from Attica to an outside hospital, and there is an investigation taking place, but the nature of the investigation hasn't been disclosed.

Big Deek said a Buffalo hospital informed Ahmed's family of the situation on April 7th, but no other information is available. 

Ahmed is from Algeria and came to the United States as an anti-Semitic child, weaned on hatred as per the Koran, and encouraged further by what he believed was mistreatment of Muslims worldwide as people just refused to allow Muslims to kill them without fighting back. Somehow, it became the fault of the Jews. 

Ain't that always the case?

Ahmed purchased guns and ammo and an inert grenade in a police sting operation that Big Deek thought was unfair and thereby claiming entrapment of a mentally ill man. 

The trouble is, it's Islam in its pure sense that is mentally ill and its extremist followers that fall in line with this sickness. Anti-Semitism is part of the religion along with anti-Christian and anti everything non-Islamic.