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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Dad spends 14 years on couch, refuses to pay $250K loan

Boston -- A Massachusetts "man" borrowed $250,000 and refuses to pay it back. He took the money to pay for the education of his 3 kids and already has taught them how to shirk responsibility. He has gone to court and won a personal victory in trying to get out of paying his debt.

The Boston Globe reports that a federal appeals court has urged a bankruptcy judge to consider a settlement with the company that holds the loan. Since the money did not belong to either judge, the request is being considered.

Robert "Thanks for the Dough" Murphy, 65, of Duxbury, Mass.,  previously tried and failed to prove that repaying the loans would be a hardship as the law requires. 

Murphy said he couldn't pay what he owed because he was laid off of work 14 years ago and couldn't find a job due to the scheduling of his soap operas and "Judge Judy." Mr. Murphy, who wanted to be a nuclear physicist ended up by not being one, and finding work as a pool boy in Duxbury is like trying to find a barber in Punjab.

The First Court of Appeals sent the proposed settlement back to bankruptcy court where it is now up to the judge to rule.

It is unclear if Murphy paid back even one dime when he was working, or if he borrowed the money while watching TV.