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Friday, April 15, 2016

Kerry's "We're Profoundly Sorry" Tour

The "We're Profoundly Sorry" tour
Our "Sorry" administration is once again on an apology tour, this time to the country that brought us Sushi and the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

John Kerry, a self-proclaimed Vietnam war hero/Vietnam War protestor, and so-called Secretary of State, visited Horoshima where Harry S. Truman ended "the war to end all wars," WWII.  He used a "disproportionate" retaliation strike--the Atomic bomb.

Kerry is the first Secretary of State to pay his respects at Hiroshima's memorial dedicated to those who died when the A-bomb was dropped on August 6, 1945. Nagasaki came three days later. 

Japan surrendered 6 days after Nagasaki, saving countless lives on both sides by doing so. Thus, the Atomic bomb was akin to the Colt Peacemaker--a powerful weapon discouraging further war and further deaths.

You started it, we ended it
Kerry seems to have forgotten why we were at war with the Japanese in the first place. His statement totally misrepresents this forgotten piece of what may seem trivial to him and others in the administration. The fool blamed the instruments of war for the tragedy of those lives lost, rather than the cause of war.

And predictably, Kerry uses the moment to make a political statement: "Everyone in the world should see and feel the power of this memorial. It is a stark, harsh, compelling reminder not only of our obligation to end the threat of nuclear weapons, but to rededicate all our efforts to avoid war itself," the idiot wrote in the museum guest book.

If the Obama administration was serious about ending the threat of nuclear weapons, they would have been a hell of a lot stricter with Iran, and would have gotten together with Russia to come up with a real plan.

But like Kerry's suit, his head is also empty.

America's response to Japan in Hiroshima and Nagasaki was due to Japan's attempt to destroy our way of life and liberty.

Ironically, the Obama administration goes after Israel for their "disproportionate response" to Palestinian attacks, as if war is some kind of game. If you want to stop a person from beating up on you, you don't trade him punch-for-punch. You beat the crap out of him and he will leave you alone. Proportion is only useful when doling out pizza or dessert.