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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Muslim Philippinos behead Canadian hostage

A Philippino Islamic terror group, Abu Sayyaf, pledged their allegiance to ISIS in 2014. They recently kidnapped a Canadian tourist and a bunch of other people, demanding ransom of $6.5 million for John Ridsdel, 68, a a retired mining executive. But the ransom was not paid.

Ridsdel's body was found April 25th stuffed in a plastic bag on Samal Island in the southern Philippines 5 hours after the deadline passed. 

He had been beheaded.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did exactly what President Obama would have done under the same circumstances: he condemned the killing with no uncertain terms. This verbal retaliation has likely shaken up the terror group and will be giving them bad dreams for days to come.

"Canada condemns without reservation the brutality of the hostage takers [read: Muslim terrorists] and this unnecessary death. This was an act of cold-blooded murder [as if we didn't know that] and responsibility rests squarely with the [Islamic] terrorist group who took him hostage," Trudeau said.

Abu Sayyaf was formed in the 1990s and is a designated terrorist organization in the U.S., Canada and several other Western countries. The group is an offshoot of a separatist movement by Moro Muslims in the southern Philippines. 

They follow the precepts of the Koran to the letter, which is why they've aligned themselves to ISIS.

There is a video released by the scumbags showing Ridsdel pleading for his life. He asked that Canada pay the ransom or he and others would be killed.

"To my family and, this is so much bigger, to the Canadian prime minister," Ridsdel said, 'Canadian people and the world, please do what is needed to meet their demands within one month or they will kill me and they will execute us." 

But Trudeau made it clear that Canada does not pay ransom money [unless it happens that the hostage is a Trudeau family member] and the terrorist group killed him, unlike the Italian priest, Rolando del Torchio, who was held hostage for six months. 

The ransom was paid, about $630,000 and he was released.

It's easy to say that a government should not pay ransom to save the life of another human being, but if that person is someone you know, there is no doubt your opinion will be different. 

It's time to end political correctness and stop avoiding the truth. Radical Islam is at war with the West. The West better recognize this at its own peril. 

Islam is not, and never was, a religion of peace--it's a religion of conquest. It has been fighting the infidels for 1400 years. It's time to do something about it before it's too late.