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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

North Korea locked and loaded

"I got this, yo"
Pyongyang is possibly preparing for yet another nuclear test and vows to do it "over and over again until we get it right." This would be their fifth test and this one is supposedly capable of striking some of our military posts in Asia. The missile, like Obama's ISIS strategy, is on standby.

A South Korean official in Seoul told Yonhap, their news agency, that their military had evidence indicating the North would most likely launch a midrange Musudan missile, with a range of 2,180 miles.

The U.S. and South Korea are conducting their annual springtime drills which end this week. Pyongyang claim these drills  are an invasion rehearsal.

One Musudan missiles was launched earlier this month but apparently ended in failure. Failure doesn't sit well with Kim Jong Un, and it is possible he had the entire launch crew go in search of a lost contact lens in a mine field, or some other "fun" event.

The current test would be the first since January, where the North claimed it had detonated a hydrogen bomb, but it was more likely something a lot smaller based on its signature. 

However, the blast was large enough to be of concern and President Obama is preparing to combat North Korea with some very harsh language.

Secretary of State John Kerry is busy at the moment hiding his wife's fortune in an off shore tax haven account. He will be speaking on this turn of events in the near future and his words will also be harsh.