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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Abdsalam "as dumb as an empty ashtray"

Is it a lawyer's ploy to minimize the role Salah Abdeslam played in the Paris attack? 

Abdeslam's  lawyer, Sven Mary (a guy who probably got into lots of fights as a school kid) describes the Islamic jihadist as a "little jerk" who's "falling apart," and saying that he's ready to cooperate with legal authorities. 

The failed suicide bomber has been officially transferred from Belgium to France Wednesday but officials are not saying at which prison he is being held, for his own safety. It's possible that other mujahideen would kill him due to his reluctance to get it on with his 72 virgins.

Mary, who prefers to be referred to by his first name, said of Abdeslam that "He has the intelligence of an empty ashtray," and added that he is "more a follower than a leader."

Is Mary being honest, or is he being brilliant by minimizing the terrorist's ability to be a leader among scumcrumpets? I suspect the former because he is no longer representing Abdeslam since the transfer.

Frank Berton, the terrorist's French lawyer, told iTele TV Abdeslam "has things to say, that he wants to explain his route to radicalization," along with his role in the Paris attacks. But, he added that his client didn't take responsibility for the others. "That means be judged for facts and acts that he committed but not for what he did not commit simply because he is the only survivor of the attacks."

As a jihadist, it pays to be a coward.

Prosecutors say that Abdeslam led the coordinating logistics for the November 13th attacks that killed 130 people for which ISIS claimed responsibility. But if Abdeslam is as intelligent as John Kerry, as his lawyer claims, then it is likely someone else was the leader, clearing Abdeslam of that charge.

Brahim Abdeslam, the brother of Salah, blew himself up in the attack, but fortunately, the explosive vest didn't detonate properly and only killed him at a Paris restaurant. It is rumored the vest was made in China and sold at a discount.

Abdeslam's exact role in the Paris attacks is still a mystery, but the fact that he returned to his old neighborhood is testimony to the empty ashtray theory.

He is charged with attempted murder in the Ides of March shootout with Brussels police.

His lawyer said that Abdeslam deserves to be defended. I agree, and then he deserves to receive what he tried to give.