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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Transfer or freedom to kill?

Usually when you speak about prison transfers you're talking about taking a guy out of say, San Quentin and transferring him to say, Rikers Island. 

You're not transferring him out of a high security detention center and placing him back out on the street somewhere. That isn't a transfer, that's a release.

And of course, that's precisely what Obama is doing with the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center in Cuba. With only 91 scumcrumpets remaining safely behind bars, our president is planning to send another 35 from that group to somewhere in Northern Africa. Not to remain incarcerated, but to be free to do what jihadists are wont to do.

The Obama administration will not reveal exactly where these "rehabilitated" Islamic extremists will be going, but they will be gone soon. 

And the only reason these prisoners are being released is political. Obama made a promise, and this is the one he plans to keep--the others can go to hell.

Thew only reason Obama can't simply send all of these killers out the door is because by law, he must provide Congress with a 30 day notice of transfer. 

The Pentagon wouldn't confirm the transfer of any detainees starting this weekend. Obama is hoping they can get to their African destinations in time to make it to mosque services.

It's unconscionable to let these killers go free. A significant number of them have gone back into the fight and have killed Americans and other allies, and this has been confirmed by a Pentagon official.

Soon after that revelation was made public, the Pentagon issued a statement saying that only 5% of detainees who have been released have returned to the battlefield during the Obama administration. So that makes it okay since it reduces the odds that the Pentagon staff will personally know any of their victims.

Sen. John McCain believes that fully 30% of all released detainees go back to the battlefield, and I suspect that number is closer to reality than the Obama administration spins.