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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Abdeslam's slammer to be in Paris

Islamic quasi suicide bomber, who forgot to pull the detonator pin, is being extradited to France where ISIS cannot get their knives on him for failing to meet his religious obligation of becoming a smithereen. 

Belgium officials have given Salah Abdeslam their approval to send his chicken butt back to France where, his lawyer claims the terrorist "wants to cooperate" on becoming a police informant.

Anything but killing himself he will do for them.

Cedric Moisse, the lawyer for the crap weasel said Abdeslam isn't resisting extradition and really wants to get out of Dodge as quickly as he can--he's getting hard looks from strangers in black.

Abdeslam, 26, allegedly planned and executed the November Paris attacks but failed to fully commit to the jihad by not blowing himself up into bite-size pieces. Instead, he is responsible for the death of 130 innocent victims "who pray differently" than he does, to paraphrase Obama.

It makes you kind of miss waterboarding.

A prosecutor was ready to go to the prison where Abdeslam is being held in the city of Bruges to discuss extradition.

When the scumcrumpet was first arrested March 18th, another of his lawyers, Sven Mary (a guy who never got to use his lunch money, I suspect) said that Salah was "already cooperating" with authorities and could turn out to be a "gold mine," but he turned out more to be a pussy who was too "tired" to talk due to his leg boo-boo.

It makes you kind of miss waterboarding.

Abdeslam claims to have no knowledge of the Brussels suicide bombings that killed 32, in spite of the fact that he had connections to several of the morons who blew themselves up. It was also learned that he claimed to have only recently met the Paris attack mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud only once, it turns out they grew up together and he even gave him the sobriquet "Abby Vowels." 

Abdeslam obviously lies like Donald Trump's hair and could use a little more 'convincing' to tell the truth.

Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders said that Abdeslam was plannning Brussel attacks before he was arrested.

It makes you kind of miss waterboarding.