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Thursday, March 31, 2016

BREAKING: 6 people shot at bus station UPDATE

Richmond, VA -- Two state troopers and a woman were shot by a suspect at a Greyhound bus station on North Boulevard. The suspect has also been shot and is now in custody. The total number shot has been upgraded to 6 and of these, 2 are in critical condition.

The Greyhound bus station is about 3 miles north of Virginia's Commonwealth University Richmond campus.

The motivation for the shooting is unclear, and there is no word as to the condition of the shooting victims, including the shooter himself.

We are awaiting word to learn the suspect's name. My guess is that it starts with the letter "M" and ends in a "d." When more information comes in, this post will be updated.

UPDATE:  (3:50 pm)  The state troopers were on a training assignment at the bus station. The danger is over but the depot remains an active crime scene.

The 2 critical people from the shooting are the state trooper and the shooter himself.

UPDATE: (5:45 pm) The shooter, still unidentified tot he press, has died in hospital.