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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hillary probe actually probing

The FBI is going straight to the sources involved with the emails generated or received by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. 

There is a court order to produce Clinton's emails and if it isn't a snow storm forcing the delay, it's a snow job getting in the way. 

But now, instea
d of waiting for the State Department to get off its proverbial butt, the FBI is going directly to the intelligence agencies and will speak to those people who are responsible for sending the emails. This is being done to determine the classification in the emails which will tell us just how big a big liar Hillary Clinton is.

"This is not merely a difference of opinion between the State Department and the Department of Justice," one intel source told Fox News. "The bureau will go directly to depose specific individuals in agencies who generated the highly classified materials. At the end of the day, it will be a paper case. Emails never disappear because computers never forget."

At least one email contained intelligence from human spying, known as "HSC-O" which means highly sensitive human intelligence operations.

That's the kind of stuff, if hacked by our enemies, that gets our intelligence agents tortured and killed.

One source said "The bureau does not waive its primacy in espionage cases. The security investigation is now part and parcel with the criminal [public corruption] investigation." The source also said that both tracks are being pursued "vigorously" and that there is a sense of "incredulity as to what is being discovered."

"I continue to believe the question of how [and from whom] material actually got from the classified network to Hillary Clinton's server is the key to the puzzle," said Howard Krongard, the former inspector general of the State Department.

The bigger question at the end of the day, down the road where cans are kicked, is: Is a POTUS allowed to run the country from inside a cell?