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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Naked statue cover-up

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani is visiting Rome, and it appears some of the Italian cultural folks are worried that the naked statues on display may cause him undue carnal embarrassment. They have covered them up so as not to offend him.

One wonders if the male statues, for example, will cause Rouhani's eyes to wander south and if so, will this be a danger to the Iranian Shi'ite leader upon his return to his homeland. If branded a homosexual, he would possibly receive the Sharia-recommended death sentence.

Italy's Cultural Minister Dario Franceschini categorized the move to cover up the statues as "incomprehensible." He said that neither he nor Premier Matteo Renzi were told of the decision to cover them, a decision likely made by a lower-ranking official in a bid to avoid offending Rouhani's erotic sensitivities.

Rouhani claims his country had not asked for these measures but appreciated the gesture. 

The cover-up consisted of placing wooden panels to shield nude statues at Rome's Capitoline Museums, where Rouhani and Renzi held a joint press conference Monday. 

Burqas may have been a better choice, perhaps.

Some Islamic leaders are very sensitized to sexual stimuli and warn women not to go shopping for cucumbers and other phallic-shaped fruits and vegetables, or handle them in the kitchen, lest they create sexual feelings in men other than their husband.