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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

BREAKING: Active Shooter San Diego Medical Centre

Balboa Hospital--There is an active shooter at the Naval Medical Centre in San Diego. The center services Navy and Marine personnel. Some patients are active duty and some retired military, and San Diego is the major west coast port for the Navy.

Three schools in the area are also on lockdown.

Since the Bethesda Navy yard shooting, security has tightened throughout the country, and vehicles must show ID to enter the area. However, there is never total security in any military campus.

Only law enforcement are armed as it is against policy for military personnel not involved in law enforcement can carry a weapon.

People within the facility are being told told to either "run, hide, or fight," if confronted by the shooter(s).

The California Highway Patrol is at the scene.

UPDATE: At this point, there has been no physical evidence of a shooter. The report was that an "earwitness" heard the sound of what was believed to be 3 shots fired. But there has been no report of anyone being shot or any sign of an active shooter.

This entire incident may have been a false alarm.