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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

British SAS dressed in burqas takes down top ISIS jihadi

Raqqa, Syria-- It's a lesson that shows why many people in Western countries don't want to allow Muslim women to disguise their identity with a burqa. 

About three weeks ago, eight British SAS troops (Special Air Service) dressed in burqas (those cloth coffins that completely cover Muslim women to keep Muslim men from raping them) crossed into enemy territory on a mission to kill a top ISIS scumcrumpet.

They made it into enemy territory in an ISIS signature Toyota pickup truck posing as the wives of top ISIS jihadis, and made it into the bowels of Raqqa in search of the commander's HQ. The Toyota was driven by local Syrians to allay suspicion because women aren't allowed to drive, vote or show an ankle.

Once they found the commander's house and assured his presence inside, the SAS team transmitted the coordinates to a U.S. Air Force AWAC mission-control aircraft above. The AWAC team relayed the coordinates to a U.S. Reaper drone, which quickly sent a Hellfire missile on its journey below to blow away the commander and a bunch of his snuffies, thus creating a virgin shortage in Paradise.

After the blast, nearby ISIS crap weasels ran into the streets and rounded up civilians, put them against the walls and threatened to kill anyone who helped the "spies," one witness said.

The SAS team made it back to their vehicle after the strike and the town went into lockdown. They were ordered to stop by the jihadis but ignored the order and were about to drive off when they were fired upon.

This angered the SAS burqa-clad troops and they jumped out of the Toyota, lifted their burqas and whipped out assault weapons and grenades and unleashed hate. The jihadis went into momentary shock, causing one to be killed instantly as the other two ran off.

According to the witness, "The firefight gave the SAS just enough time to break contact with the ISIS gunmen and escape."

With the addition of about 200 more U.S. special commandos arriving in Iraq last week, these kinds of operations will increase, sources say. Besides the British SAS, they have sent the Royal Navy's elite forces known as the SBS (Special Boat Service), which is similar to our Navy SEALs.

The new primary target is 32-year-old Londoner Siddhartha Dhar. He is the new Jihadi John and is at the top of the kill list. 

I think Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi should be at the top, but he's a difficult target to target.