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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hillary hath no greater fury than when quoted accurately

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I would modify that (and hope women who read this don't think of me as a sexist) to say that Hillary Clinton hath no greater fury than when she is quoted accurately from the past.

It was Hillary Clinton who started the birther rumor that Obama was not born in the United States but instead was born in Kenya to his Muslim father and later brought to Hawaii to be raised.

When CNN's Don Lemon confronted her on the "Tom Joyner Morning Show" she told Lemon that it was "ludicrous" to make such a statement adding that the rumor was just another "bad example of what's wrong with the instantaneous reactions and Americans getting all worked up and people feed prejudice and paranoia like Donald Trump."

Unfortunately for Hillary, John Heilmann, co-author of "Game Change" and the 2008 "presidential campaign maven" stated on "Morning Joe" that she did, indeed, circulate the rumor that Obama was a Muslim during the 2008 Democratic primary. [Ha, as if there is anything wrong with being a Muslim as far as Democrats are concerned.] 

It's beginning to look like Hillary is becoming unglued as the FBI appears to be honing in on her deleted emails on her private server when she was our useless secretary of state. In fact, there's a rumor just out from Ed Klein's soon to be released book, Unlikable, that she yelled at Obama in the Oval Office, calling him by his first name and telling him to "call off the f_ _ king dogs" regarding her emails.

You can choose to believe it or not believe it, but let's face it, she has to be worried with Joe Biden wearing clean underwear for the Pope's visit.