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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The ayatollah makes more demands--Kerry sweats his pants

The ayatollah of Iran earlier this month demanded that sanctions be lifted entirely, not simply be suspended as the nuke deal stipulates. This is cause for concern for the Obama administration, but to be fair, they will think of a way to give Iran what they want and make it look like they didn't.

A senior Khamenei lackey reiterated the demand again this weekend, just before potential sideline talks at the UN General Assembly. And the lucky lackey will get John Kerry in several days as he comes to New York to meet with his Iranian counterpart, Foreign Minister Mohammad (you saw that coming) Javad Zarif.

It isn't enough for Iran to inspect themselves on the "honor system" and provide their own soil samples, get 24 day notice when Islamic inspectors are coming, allow or deny them, and ensure no American inspectors can visit the sites where the bombs are being prepared, no, they want the USA to lift all sanctions NOW!

Allowing Iran to use the "honor system" to inspect themselves is like allowing a drug addict to watch the pharmacy while the owner goes across the street for a few cold ones.

The fact that Congress has allowed this out of control president of ours to bypass them by making it an agreement rather than a treaty with Iran is unconscionable. No wonder a majority of conservatives don't trust Congress or politicians in general, and people like Donald Trump is leading in the poles. 

With John "Man-Tan" Boehner and Mitch "The Turtle" McConnell leading the GOP and having promised change that never came, we have a Republican party that's as useful as a rope shooting pool, and just as impotent.

And with John "The Gigolo" Kerry as our front man making the deal, I can see him fold like a cheap lawn chair in a wind storm.