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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Obama administration compares him to the pope

President Obama was called "The First Gay President," and "The First Black President" and now "The Pope-like President." Of course, it isn't the public saying that, although I suspect there are some progressive liberals who think he can walk on water and part the seas (himself among the crowd), but it is his administration making this absurd claim.

The Washington Examiner discussed how both Pope Francis and President Barack Hussein Obama have "both dedicated their lives to helping the less fortunate . . . " and both have "talked, quite publicly, about their commitment to social justice.," said White House mouthpiece, Josh "Notso" Earnest, who added, "And both men have dedicated not just their careers, but their lives, to that effort."

In his emetic, sycophantic way, Earnest spoke about how the so-called president refused high-paying jobs when he graduated from law school in order to spread his ideology into Chicago's poor South side, and how the Pope is known for advocating for poor communities in Argentina as he ascended in the Church ranks.

And you can see all the good Obama has done for the South side of Chicago as the latest developments show in the Chicago Tribune

Socialism is an interesting intellectual exercise but it has done nothing good for the poor--EVER.

Earnest went on to say: "And you know, the president actually worked quite closely with other Catholics in that community, and the president has talked about that quite a bit . . . this has been a value that has animated the president's career choices since he was a young man."

Comparing Obama to the pope is not very different from his 2008 speech where he claimed that by electing him that "this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow, and our planet began to heal . . . " and the moment the U.S. would restore its image as the last bastion of hope.

He probably called that lie "Hope a dope."

Obama believes he is better than the pope because he has more power than the pontiff. Obama, by his inaction, has been able to take an entire nation, the one-time world's most respected nation, and run it into the ground. Name one country that honestly respects us and prove this statement wrong.

Obama believes he is better than the pope because he isn't encumbered by religion. He is neither a Christian nor a Muslim, but is a progressive who will be whatever religion suits his ideology.

Obama believes he is better than the pope because arrogance and narcissism are blind to reality.