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Friday, April 24, 2015

Islamic Jihadists Fire Rocket at Israel

The Israel Defense Force (IDF) countered a single rocket attack launched at Israel's Shaar Henegev Regional Council on Thursday evening, as the country celebrated their 67th year as an independent nation, Israel Hayom reported.

No humans were injured or killed in the attack because the rocket fired by these terrorists was not guided electronically, which means that it couldn't be specifically aimed at military targets, so children, hospitals, women and other civilians were in equal danger from this kind of attack, but Israelis were able to take cover when it occurred as the Color Red alert gave warning. The attack occurred at around 9 pm.

 For Islamic jihadists killing Jews and Christians is a way of Islamic worship (Qur'an 5:51-52, 47: 3-4; and my favorite: 61:4 which says: "Surely Allah loves those who fight in His way," to mention only a few). Killing Jewish babies and children is no different than killing an adult. Islami calls Jews and Christians "apes and pigs," and killing them is ridding the earth of these "vile creatures."

Defense officials believe the rocket was the work of a splinter terrorist group and not Hamas. The rocket exploded in a field in the Shaar Hanegev Regional Council destroying several plants and devastating an ant colony that had recently returned to the area after having left a picnic under a tree planted by a Hebrew school class in Queens, New York.

The IDF retaliated by shelling Hamas infrastructure, (a Hamas training facility) in the northeast Gaza town of Beit Hanoun. Gaza health official (no, it isn't an oxymoron because it isn't about mental health) Ashraf al-Kidra (I kid ya not) said no Hamassholes were injured in that retaliation.

An IDF Spokesperson's Unit in a statement said that "[T]he IDF will not tolerate any attempt to undermine Israel's security or harm Israeli citizens."

The jihadist perp or perps were not apprehended, but the IDF believes Hamas has been attempting to lessen rocket attacks in order to avoid security escalation. 

But it is highly likely that Hamas sees the attack by the lone goat-humper as a good idea and in keeping with the Islamic tradition of hating Jews because Allah can't seem to stop himself from making them.