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Thursday, April 23, 2015

State Department Considering a $50 Billion "Signing Bonus" for Iran

"I'll be more flexible once you sign"
The Iranian economy rebounded out of recession and had an estimated growth of 3% last year, better than the Obama administration's 2.4% growth for the same year. Nevertheless, if John "Lurch" Kerry wants to seal a nuclear deal with the terrorist nation by June 30th, a deal that will delay them from acquiring a nuclear bomb several weeks later than they would without a deal, he might have to offer them a "signing bonus." The amount under consideration is $50 billion, not what you think of as "chump change," and enough moolah to put into their defense spending budget.

The Obama obamination has developed a plan to unfreeze tens of billions of Iranian funds if they just sign the damn thing. That's all Obama wants, and all that Kerry wants, and both for personal reasons, it seems.

Obama wants a better legacy than his current cluster-fudge has produced and Kerry wants to win a Nobel Peace Prize so he can pick up chicks. Oh wait, that's Bill Clinton. Kerry just wants the Prize so he can be amongst the world's greatest peacemakers like Yassar Arafat, Barack Obama, and Al Gore.

This "signing bonus,"  was first reported by The Wall Street Journal saying that it could be the largest cash infusion to a terror-backing regime in recent memory. But since when has Obama been shy about supporting our enemies and kicking our allies?

The $50 billion "signing bonus" would be in addition to the over $11 billion in unfrozen assets Iran already has received under an interim nuclear accord from 2013. 

It feels like Obama is the kid in the schoolyard who pays off the bullies with his lunch money, but the money was never his in the first place. But State Department Spokesbimbo, Marie Harf, poo-pooed reporters and in true Alinsky fashion, blamed them for getting all "spun up" on the issue.

When asked whether Iran could get the $50 billion "on day one after signing" or verbally agreeing to a nuclear deal, the arrogant Harf told the press that she would "look into it," implying that like Obama, she hadn't yet learned of the deal from the media.

These are the people who are supposed to be working for us, the people. But it certainly feels like they have it all backwards. Well, kind of like Obama's alliances and behavior to Christians and Jews versus Muslims and its Brotherhood organization.