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Friday, April 24, 2015

University of Maryland feeds the crocodile

"An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile, hoping it will eat him last" Winston H. Churchill

The University of Maryland, College Park has over 28,000 students. Of these, 73% get financial aid, and the student to faculty ratio is about 18:1. The school ranks 41st in research institutes and 43rd overall in the Northeast. The total annual cost is over $42 thousand. 

There are a lot of better schools to choose from other than the University of Maryland (UM, aka DUH) but they made the news cycle by refusing to allow the screening of "American Sniper" to be shown.

The Muslim Students Association (pronounced Muslim Brotherhood) complained that the movie "perpetuates the spread of Islamophobia and is offensive to many Muslims around the world for good reason," I have to disagree in part.

Yes, I agree that this movie might be offensive to many Muslims around the world, particularly the Muslims who hate a free society where religion is practiced or not practiced as one chooses. It is also attractive to Muslims who hate America because that is what the movie is about, in a way. But it doesn't disrespect Islam, just radical Islam, a term our radical president refuses to label those who cause infidels to be phobic about Islam.

A phobia is an irrational reaction to an imagined threat. Islamic terrorism is far from being imagined. Western society has reached an Islamic "overkill" point (forgive the use of that word), with all the violence being perpetrated against Christians, Jews and other infidels throughout the world. It isn't irrational at all.
The "M" stands for "MSA Approved"

Only 250 people signed the petition that was being circulated on the campus to stop the showing of American Sniper. That's 250 out of 28,000, or less than 1 percent, that was able to cause a level of Islamophobia (actual fear of how the Muslim students would react if the movie was screened) among the school's so-called administration.

"American Sniper" is not about hating Muslims--jihadists cause more of those feeling just by their barbaric actions--it's about the horrors of war and how it affects the lives of those who go to war. If anything, there is a poignancy to the movie, but I suspect the MSA people didn't actually see the movie. 

It reminds me of the guy who complained to the person at the front desk of the gym I attend. He was insulted that I was reading "The Truth About Mohammed" by Robert Spencer. He admitted he hadn't read it, and Mike, the guy at the desk told him that in this country we can read whatever we want.

Ironically, I got the book from the library and the complainer never bothered to say anything to the head librarian.

It's funny how the MSA and other Muslim Brotherhood tentacles use their Constitutional rights to stomp on the rights of those with different beliefs, which is stomping on the Constitution in the first place.

If this bothers you as an American, regardless of your religious affiliation, if any, you can contact the President of the University of Maryland:

Dr. Wallace D. Loh
President, University of Maryland
Phone: 301.405.5803
or email him at: president@umd.edu