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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bill, Bull and Gruber

What do you get when you put Chris "Tingles" Matthews, Roland Martin and Bill Maher in the same room?

You get more arrogance than farts in the toilet of an Irish pub on March 17th.

These libtards appeared on Maher's show "Real Time" last Friday and spoke about "The Wheeze" aka Jonathan Gruber. You know Gruber, he's the MIT genius who helped put together that clusterflub ObamaCare and talked on video about how the "lack of transparency" along with "the stupidity of the American voter" was needed to help get ObamaCare passed.

All three liberal, progressive Obama buttboys agreed that Americans really are stupid. But the funniest part of all was when Maher's audience laughed in agreement that they are stupid, proving Maher's point.

"Gruber was right. He just said what people don't want to hear," Maher said. The crowd just sat there guffawing and picking snot rockets, totally unaware he was speaking about them--the voters who supported ObamaCare.

Chrissy tried to deny calling Americans stupid but the group ganged up on him and he relented. In the military we had a name for people like Matthews, but I'll leave it to your imagination.

In my estimation Maher and his cretin panel are partially correct: some Americans are stupid, just like some Americans are racist. It's a numbers game. The thing is, the Americans who are stupid and also tend to be the actual racists liberals love to accuse (because they must bring race into every conversation) are the leftists who support idiots like Maher who makes his money from them while calling them stupid.