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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Eyes Nearly Vomited Watching Obama

One thing we must admit: President Obama has lived up to his original campaign promise of bringing the country together. However, in this case, the case of Ferguson, MO,  it was like bringing two boxers together in Las Vegas. Instead of Don King and his schizophrenic hairdo, we have Reverend Al Sharpton and his schizophrenic racism. In fact, if we can honestly say that Al Sharpton is a "reverend," we ought to be able to also say that Abu Bakr al Bagdhadi is a man of good will.

My eyes nearly vomited as I watched Barack speak last night after the grand jury decision was reached not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for shooting the robbery suspect, Michael Brown. 

Barry asked for the police to use restraint and good judgment in the aftermath of the decision, and while he said this, the town was burning and being looted, and rioting took place as we watched on the split screen. 

The police and the anarchists were brought together. The country "came together" and another campaign promise could be chalked up alongside ObamaCare.

But seeing Obama and Ferguson was a dramatic demonstration of the ineptitude of a man who believes his words are magic, like his pen. Back in 2007 he boasted that one of the skills he would bring to the presidency is his incredible ability to "pull together the different strands of American life and focus on what we have in common."

Many of us knew he was lying and now we know that when his lips move, and especially when he punctuates a sentence with the word "period," he is lying through his teeth. 

The so-called president went on to say that we have "made enormous progress in race relations." Well, duh, he got elected to the highest office in the land and he's black. 

It isn't rich, old white men holding black people back--it's their social conditions. Black young men killing other black young men. The "uncool" going to school mentality for many young black kids. The absence of both parents in the home. The list goes on and yes, it pertains to all ethnic groups, but we see a profusion of it in the black community, and pointing that out does not make me a racist anymore than saying Al Sharpton is a race-baiting thug who should be tried for tax evasion.

Facts, as Ronald Reagan said, are stubborn things.

Obama has failed to bring us together like he promised. He has failed to enhance our relationship with the Muslim world, as promised. And I know that if the races in this case were reversed, there would be no Sharpton-Obama outcry. No media hype. No story. 

Obama hasn't even condemned the Ferguson riots. Instead he warns the police, telling them to behave properly.

It was disgusting watching Obama preach to us. My eyes can attest to that.