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Monday, September 8, 2014

If It's Black on White, It's Alright

President "We Shall Overcome" Obama has weighed in on Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. I understand he plans to weigh in on the final suspension of Baltimore Ravens linebacker, Ray Rice, a black man who beat his then fiancée unconscious. The domestic abuse was captured on an elevator video in the Atlantic City casino where Rice and his fiancée were staying. 

Comparing Rice to his fiancée is like comparing a bull to a kitten--she is much smaller than him. Sugar Ray was able to knock her out with one punch, then he dragged her off the elevator into the lobby where he admitted what he had done. The NFL says that only now have they seen this second video which actually shows him throwing the punch (whereas the first video only showed him doing the dragging).  

Originally, the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Rice for two games, a suspension that is less than the one given by the league for smoking pot. With the flack he received from this light punishment Goodell admitted he was wrong and made the suspension 6 whole games and a second offense would be a dismissal from the league. So the message is clear: make sure you get your licks in the first time, you violent asshats.

But the video is damning for Rice but at least he got to marry his enabler.

So it is rumored that Obama plans to speak on the Ray Rice situation.

Obama does not have any plans insofar as I know, of speaking about the gang attack that took place over the weekend in Memphis, TN. Maybe that's because it was a black on white attack.

According to the police, a gang of teens emerged from a strip mall restaurant, where the incident took place. They attacked a 25 year old white man who had gotten out of his car and began walking toward the Kroger's grocery store. Two other employees of the Kroger's saw the attack and went to help. (They too were of the Caucasian persuasion.) The gang whaled on them, beating them into unconsciousness

While the attack took place, a crowd of about 20 teens stood by and laughed, cheering the gang on with "Fan mob!"

Of course, the Memphis Police Commissioner Toney Armstrong did not call it a hate crime.

"We are fully aware of the last night's incidents. It is extremely troubling to see how many young people were involved, especially on the heels of last week's youth forum," Armstrong said. I could go on, but I might throw up in my mouth.

No, Obama or his favorite race-baiter-agitator, the very Revolting Al Sharptongue, will not address this hate crime, or any hate crime when it's a black on white attack.

Nor will Eric Holder likely prosecute those "misguided Memphis kids," any more than he prosecuted the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation of white voters at a Philadelphia polling place who simply wanted to vote in the last presidential election. (It's on YouTube if you haven't seen it.)

The worst part however, isn't the obvious partiality shown to certain interest groups by this administration; it's the fact that Congress has done nothing to check and balance it.

I'm going to go into that shoebox and find my "Throw Them All Out" button.