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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

ISIS ISIL IS Strategy Meeting: What Should We Do, What Should We Call Them?

As I write this, president Obama, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi are meeting in the Oval Office and the president is even wearing a tie. They are there to discuss strategies involving ISIS or ISIL or IS. If they cannot decide what to call them, how will they decide on ways to destroy them? Or do they really want to destroy them?

I can imagine Nancy Pelosi will say something to the effect: "We have to wait for them to attack, so we can . . . know what to do."

Harry Reid will likely have a  different take on strategy. I can hear his remark: "If it wasn't for the GOP and their inability to get things done, this would have never happened. It's all their fault and we should send them to fight ISIL."

John Boehner might say to the president: "We have to stop making this a political issue and look at it for what it is, Mr. President. This is war and you will uh-have to blow those ahbastards . . . up."

President Obama will respond, perhaps with: "I don't want to hear what we have to do. I want to hear what we are definitely not going to do. What we have to do is obvious--we have to tell the American public what we're not going to do."

And finally, the White House Press Secretary Josh "I'm Being" Earnest will tell the public before Obama makes his speech tomorrow: "President Obama (peace be upon him) will make his case based upon what is best for the American public and the Democratic party."

Mitch McConnell will just listen and continue looking a bit like Myrtle the Turtle.

We shall see our grand strategy tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. Ten bucks says it'll be mainly political.