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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Suicide Donkeys of Hamas

The Jerusalem Post reports that fighting in Gaza has gotten to the point where Hamas has become so desperate, they're using suicide donkeys to destroy  IDF forces.

An attack occurred on Friday in the Rafah area near the Gaza-Egypt border where IDF forces located a suspicious, and most likely, nervous donkey approaching their position. They opened fire and the explosives detonated; the donkey never knew what hit him.

The IDF expressed their shock over the tactic of using innocent animals as a method of attacking Israel's forces and stated on their website: "This cruel incident is the most recent attempt by Gaza terror organizations to make such an abominable use of animals as explosives couriers." 

Animals have historically been used to assist military forces in battle. The horse is probably the most widely used animal as a means of transporting troops, but oxen, pigs, rats, dolphins, camels and pigeons were also put into service for various purposes.

But the most horrific use of animals for the purpose of military weaponry is the human animal, or suicide bomber. Islamists have used men, women and children for this purpose. Mothers have tied bombs to their children so they can go and kill Jews and other infidels for their god, Allah.

It can hardly be called a religion of peace--it should be called a religion of pieces.