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Friday, July 18, 2014

A Woman with More Gonads than Obama and Kerry Combined

Obama has urged Israel to limit its ground operations in Gaza and only go after tunnels used by Hamas to attack Israel's civilian population which include women, children, the elderly and infants. So not only is Obama trying to be the monarch of the United States, he even wants to tell Israel how to fight their war with Hamas, a terrorist organization whose religious goal is to wipe Israel off the map and Inshallah, kill all the Jews as they have no right to exist.

Canada's Conservative-led government has expressed total support for Israel, which is currently facing Hamas' attempts at destroying her. 

Since the time of the Old Testament, Israel has been called the Holy Land, and also known as the home of the Jews. It was at one time known as Judea, which means exactly that. 

It's illuminating to see how Canada has supported Israel and how the United States has tried not to get too involved with an opinion in the matter of them and Hamas. In fact, there's an interesting video with Elizabeth Warren that shows just how strongly she stands behind the Jewish state. She was on her way to the Netroots Nation Conference (not as a native American this time), so perhaps she was in a rush, but sometimes you need to take the incoming fire to fight the war. She is a moral coward.

U.S. Secretary of State, John Swiftboat Kerry spoke with Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu after troops were sent into Gaza by Israel on Thursday. This was done as a response to Hamas' continuous firing of rockets into civilian areas of Israel.

Kerry reaffirmed  our "strong support for Israel's right to defend itself against terrorist threats emanating from tunnels into Israel," and expressed the view that this "should be a precise operation to target tunnels," the State Department said. Kerry also "emphasized the need to avoid further escalation" and "the importance of doing everything possible to prevent civilian casualties."

Netanyahu should have suggested to Kerry that in order to lessen civilian casualties, Hamas should stop targeting civilians and stop using Palestinians as shields, but he was too polite.

Kerry's weak words of caution were in stark contrast to a stream of pro-Israel tweets fired off on Friday from Canada's ambassador to Israel, Vivian Bercovici. It is clear where she stands and where Canada stands with Israel. 

Bercovici tweeted this:

"Is Israel just supposed to allow relentless barrage of rocket fire v proudly initiated by #hamas to continue? No country can tolerate that"

"Ask #Hamas why construction materials used to build attack tunnels on Israel and not civilian defences like shelters #Hamas #Israel"

"Ask #Hamas y they encourage civilians to offer themselves up as human shields while leaders r in shelters or Qatar"

""Activists" disseminating lies & hatred: ask yourselves y u r silent when Israel civilians targeted by #hamas rockets #IsraelUnderAttack"

"To "activists": read #Hamas charter. Listen to #hamas leaders. They mean what they say #IsraelUnderAttack"

One thing this clearly shows is that Canada's ambassador to Israel has bigger balls than John Kerry and Barack Obama combined. It's a shame, literally, that our country has become so utterly leftist and so terribly anti-Semitic. We show more respect to Muslims in the world than we do to Christians and Jews, and it takes a Canadian woman to show that to these so-called progressives.