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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mental Illness in Political Discourse

One's personal focus is determined by certain psychological factors, some obvious, some not so much. Most behavioral psychologists would agree that people with specific types of mood disorders see the world in predictable ways.

For example, people who suffer from major depression see the world through a dark, dismal lens. Their focus is on their sense of despair and hopelessness and can easily find something to be depressed about in their own life. 

Those with an anxiety disorder see the world as a frightening, dangerous place. Some suffer from panic attacks simply by venturing out in the world. Others have a more generalized anxiety that is constantly present and always beneath the surface of one's consciousness.

Finally, there are those who view the world in racial terms. Everything is seen in black and white, almost literally, but there are also different shades in-between. These are people who are so attuned to racial cues, they actually think their focus is normal and believe everyone thinks as they do.

These people think that most people prejudge those of different racial origin and do so in a negative way. For this person, everyone is a potential racist, everyone is biased. This person is similar to the depressed person and the anxious person. Their view of the world is based upon their illness. If something negative is said about a person of a different color than theirs, they cry racism.

This person is Eric Holder.