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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ten Years Then Boom Bahdahbing

Hamas is talking about a deal with Israel if they want a cease fire. In this deal all of their demands must be met or there is no deal. First Hamas wants their terrorist prisoners freed so they can go out and kill again.

Second they want open Gaza borders. This is to make it easier for those terrorists and others to cross into Israel and kill Jews.

Third, they want Israel to end the blockade that is keeping military supplies from coming into Gaza in order for Hamas to kill the Jews.

Sounds like a good deal?

But here is the enticement for Israel: Hamas is willing to hold the peace for a full ten years. That seems like a pretty long time.

I can hear the computer keyboards clicking away over at the MSM headquarters saying how generous the Palestinians are being with Israel. (They will not refer to the deal makers as Hamas because we all know they're a terrorist organization.) They will make Israel sound like the aggressors and probably show photos of dead children. They've already tried pulling that off by using one of a "dead" girl who was beheaded by an explosion, but it turned out to be a hoax and actually taken from a scary movie.

There is no way Israel should take the deal and the reason is obvious to anyone who knows about Islam and their illustrious killer prophet, Mohammed, (peas be up in him). 

Hamas knows that it's losing. Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system is doing its job of knocking out most of the incoming missiles fired at the civilian population of Israel. Meanwhile, Palestine has lost over 200 people and 1000 have been wounded. Hamas is losing the war.

"If Muslims are weak, a truce may be made for ten years if necessary, for the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) made a truce with the Quraysh for that long, as is related by Abu Dawud" (Umdat as-Salik o9.16) cites Robert Spencer in Jihad Watch.
When Islam loves its children
more than it hates the Jews
then there will be peace

So Hamas wants a "time out" for ten years so that it can regain its strength and do what its charter says it will do: 

"Surat Al-Imran (III), verses 109-111 Israel will rise and will remain erect until Islam eliminates it as it had eliminated its predecessors." If you wish to read the entire anti-Semitic, hateful document, click here.

There is no question that anyone who supports Hamas is just plain anti-Semitic, and there seems to be no shortage of anti-Semitism of late. It's worse than it has been since the Second World War. It has become acceptable cocktail talk. It's disgusting and based upon man's most negative qualities.

Supposedly, there will be a five hour hold-off of hostilities that Hamas has agreed to. In that time Israel is allowing humanitarian aid, such as blood and other life-sustaining supplies to cross into Gaza. If the so-called shoe was on the other foot, do you really believe Hamas would do the same thing?

Israel is the civilized nation in this fight and if the world doesn't see that, then I pity us all. Unfortunately, I know that I'm preaching to the choir.