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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Comparing the Left Media with the Right Media and Anti-Semitism

I read several online news media today about the fighting going on in Israel and the Gaza Strip. Let's compare headlines:

The first headline read: "Israel restarts Gaza bombardment" versus the second: "Israel resumes airstrikes on Gaza after Hamas rejects cease-fire proposal."
The innocence of Muslims

This headline comes from BBC World and the second from Fox News Network. The BBC headline makes it seem that Israel is being the aggressor while the Fox headline gives the reason for Israel's retaliation and shows us more clearly what is going on there. Israel was willing to negotiate, Hamas kept firing rockets and pretended not to be informed of the deal Egypt was laying out for peace.
The BBC comes from England, a country where Islam is showing its intolerant face more and more with "no go zones" and murders in the name of Islam.  Not long ago a British soldier was killed and beheaded in the streets of London. The murderer spoke on a video explaining exactly why he killed the soldier, and the reason he gave was that he killed the young father for the sake of  jihad; Islam's "holy" war with the infidel world. 

The English are too scared to confront the real problem and instead uses political correctness, to gloss over the violent incidents as if they were simply crimes committed by a simple criminals.

Fox News Network comes from the USA, where President Barack Hussein Obama is giving into Islam more and more, meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood at the White House and trading 5 Taliban operatives for a soldier who is probably a deserter and possibly a traitor. 

Like the British, the USA hides behind political correctness, but more so due to Obama's hidden agenda. He is clearly anti-Israel, went to a church where his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, is clearly anti-Semitic and anti-American, and Obama cannot hide his dislike of Benjamin Netanyahu.

The anti-Zionist reporting in the mainstream media is, unfortunately, all too typical. The BBC headline says it all. Most people only scan the headlines and read only a fraction of what's posted. That's what they're hoping you'll do. 

It is becoming increasingly more accepted to be anti-Semitic. Everybody's doing it, including progressive Jews who believe Israel is to blame for the problems of Palestine. What they don't realize is that if they had their way, they would eventually be eliminated in accordance with the teachings of Islam's prophet.

Hamas doesn't like the idea that Israel isn't taking their attacks lying down--that's so World War Two--and they are acting like they are the victims in this latest fighting. Anyone with an open mind should know better. That is, anyone with an open mind who doesn't stick to the mainstream media as their news source.