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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Abbass Ends in Ass

Blaming the victim is something you would expect from a lawyer like Hillary Clinton when she got off the rapist of a 12 year old child by blaming the child. Sharks don't eat lawyers out of professional courtesy (at least some lawyers), but you don't expect such tactics from heads of state, present president excluded.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (his friends call him "Moody") is asking the UN to put Palestine under international protection. This comes after 3 Israeli teens were kidnapped and brutally murdered then buried in shallow graves, and some Israelis sought revenge for the killing by mercilessly killing a Palestinian teen. 

Israel was upset and horrified by the retribution and vowed to catch whoever killed the boy, and they did. 

When the Israeli teens were taken, Hamas praised the kidnappers and killers and handed out sweets in the streets of Gaza. But once they learned of the Palestinian teen being killed, they launched rockets and mortars on Israel's civilian population, not caring who they killed just as long as they were Jews.

So Israel fought back. They did the opposite of how they responded during the Holocaust and refused to allow themselves to be slaughtered. Their Iron Dome system intercepted many of the Katyusha rockets and they flew hundreds of sorties that knocked out rocket launchers and destroyed Palestinian tunnels used for transporting weapons.

Benjamin Netanyahu told the press that Israel uses rockets to protect its citizens while Hamas uses citizens to protect its rockets. He said it exactly right.

Now Abbas sees that Israel isn't going to take their attacks sitting down. He doesn't like that Israel is fighting back and doing so with more ferocity than Hamas. According to Israel News, Abbas whined: "The situation is unbearable and patience run out for what Israel is doing against our people, therefore, this aggression should immediately stop."

I doubt he would have done anything to stop this war if Hamas was winning. I can hear Abbas praising Allah as he chants: "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free."

Abbas called it a "horrific situation," but only because Hamas is getting back more than what they dished out. He has asked Switzerland to summon contracting parties of the fourth Geneva Convention to place sanctions of Israel as the occupying power responsible for the safety of civilians under the convention agreement. 

So far, there have been 166 Palestinians confirmed dead with 1000 wounded. Israel has about 10 soldiers hurt in the ground operation that took place yesterday, but no military casualties thus far.

If you know anything about Islam, you know that the Palestinians see their fight against the Jews as their religious duty. In their minds, they have already assessed 11,952 brown-eyed virgins for the fallen with more virgins awaiting orders.

What I find most repugnant is the New York TImes (aka The Old Gray Commie) in their reporting of this military action. They write: "Israelis are reflecting over coldblooded killing of Palestinian teenager Muhammad Abu Khdeir that helped lead to latest increase in violence; several Israeli media outlets have linked six suspects to Israeli right-wing extremist groups; some are observing generational shift as Jewish youth in Israel express distinct anti-Arab attitude that was not learned in the home." 

The Times (whose motto is: "All the news we see fit to print") obviously blames "Jewish youth in Israel" for the anti-Arab attitude; not the anti-Semitic upbringing the Palestinian youth get from home and their TV kid's shows. They blame the brutal killing of Khdeir on the Hamas attack when Hamas applauded the killing of 3 Israelis first and used Khdeir's killing as an excuse to wage war. 

Israel didn't hand out sweets when Khdeir was killed, instead they vowed to find the killer(s) and they did. Of course The Times would refer to the Israeli killers as right-wing extremist groups, even before they have proof. And if they were known leftists would The Times have reported that? It's like calling George Zimmerman a "white Hispanic--" anything for the cause of the leftists.