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Saturday, July 12, 2014

And the Beat Goes On in Gaza

The IDF hit 60 targets last night, killed 120 Islamists since the start of the retaliation that began when Hamas rained down hundreds of rockets into Israel's civilian population. 

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) targeted "158 targets linked to Hamas," in the last 24 hours, which included 68 rocket launchers, 21 bases and weapons caches, including one hidden in a mosque--a common strategy Hamas uses because they know Israel is reluctant to strike houses of worship even when Hamas is willing to blow up synagogues and school buses filled with children.
Nurturing hatred

The Health Ministry of Gaza, an oxymoron, said that the dead included a 17 year old whose only goal in life was to finish his study of the Koran in madrassa, join Hamas, and kill Jews for Allah. Young Mohammad al-Akbar will be missed. Okay, Hamas didn't really say all that, but the truth is, the "Palestinians" (a group of Muslims who believe Israel has no right to exist and all the Jews in the world need to be killed) are taught as babies to hate the Jews. It's their religious duty, according to the Koran. But what they don't acknowledge in their "holy" book, or war manual, is that Israel is referred to as the land of the Jews and there is no mention of Palestine. (Check out Suras 9:21 and 26:59 for starters.)

In last night's Israeli retaliatory response to Hamas's rocket attacks, three police officers were killed while innocently beating their wives.

Husam Badran, a spokes-terrorist for Hamas said, while in the safety of Doha, Qatar (some pronounce it "Guitar"): "The bombing of two mosques in Gaza overnight shows how barbaric this enemy is, and how much is it (sic) hostile to Islam." 

Good old victim status.

I suggest Badran look up the origin of the word "barbaric" before he claims that Israel should allow Hamas to fire rockets at them with impunity. Thomas Jefferson knew about barbarism.

This is a war that will never end unless Israel decides to end it. The hatred that Islam holds for Jews and other infidels is palpable. Being politically correct about Islam is foolish and suicidal.