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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The NY Times: America's Most Red Paper

Chelsea Manning had an Op Ed in the Gray Lady, aka The New York Times. You should remember Chelsea as Bradley Manning, but he has since changed his name to fit his self-image of a woman trapped inside a traitor's body.  It seems fitting that someone like Chelsea would write for America's most red paper.

Back in 1996, The New York Times did an obituary piece on another American traitor, Alger Hiss, who died all too soon at the age of 92. The evidence of Hiss's guilt was overwhelming but the paper referred to Alger Hiss as: " . . . the erudite diplomat and Harvard trained government lawyer who was convicted of perjury in an espionage case that became one of the great riddles of the Cold War . . . " in an article by Janny Scott. 

But columnist, George Will said that Hiss's claim to innocence up to the time of his death had become "one of the long-running lies of modern American history." I tend to believe Will and those who testified against Hiss who had no ax to grind.

It seems that the Times always goes out of its way to defend or glorify those who hate America. 

Back to Miss Manning. on August 21, 2013 the editorial board wrote that they believe the 35 year sentence Chelsea received was too severe (see New York Times ).

"He had previously pleaded guilty to lesser versions of those [Espionage Act] crimes that exposed him to 20 years behind bars. For a defense lawyer, a sentence of one-third the potential maximum [90 years] is usually not a bad outcome. But from where we sit, it is still too much, given his stated desire not to betray his country but to encourage debate on American aims and shed light on the "day to day" realities of the American war effort."

So Chelsea gave over 700,000 classified government documents to Wikileaks, the largest cache of secret material ever made public in American history for all our enemies to see, He broke the law, betrayed his oath as a military intelligence analyst, helped the enemies of the United States with information, and The New York Times thinks 35 years is "too long by any standard." 

No, 35 years is too long by The New York Times' standard because they believe Manning's intentions supersede his behavior. That makes as much sense as a drunk driver claiming he didn't mean to jump the curb and kill those people.

Mad Magazine once made light of the Times with a masthead that read: "For all the news that fits we print," a take-off on their actual slogan. The trouble is, that is no longer true of the Times, and most of the mainstream media. They often do not print what they don't want you to read. You have to get your real news from the blogs and a few conservative news outlets.