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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It Only Took 642 Days to Get Him

It took a mere 642 days but the US has finally captured a prime suspect in the 911 attack in Benghazi that took the life of Ambassador Chris Stevens, and 3 other brave Americans. The terrorist is currently on his way to America via ship.

Ahmed Abu Khattala was captured on Sunday near Benghazi, and quite possibly just a few blocks away sipping a slurpee in public, and possibly doing another media interview about his amazing Benghazi adventure.

Ahmed (no relation to Ahmed the Terrorist of Jeff Dunham fame) is a commander of Ansar al-Sharia, the terrorist organization that orchestrated the Benghazi attack on the facility that was being used by the USA for reasons still unknown to those of us who funded it.

Upon his arrival to the USA, Khattala will be treated as a common criminal, not as a terrorist, and will probably be read his Miranda rights, given a brand new Koran and a prayer rug, along with three hots and a cot. He will not be treated as if he killed four Americans in a terrorist attack, and will have the right to remain silent. Khattala, in other words, will be treated as if he simply knocked over a gas station and had an accomplice who killed the attendant.

A small special forces team along with an FBI agent captured Khattala (possibly at an outdoor cafe signing autographs "for the kids" who love his work). He was taken by surprise and wondered if CNN turned him in.

"President" Obama said of the capture that it is a "message to the world" about what happens when Americans are attacked. He did not say: "over a video." He also did not say: "When an American is attacked, be assured that we will give you two, maybe three or ten years and then come after you, just when you think it is safe to appear on "America's Got Talent." And when we catch you, it is at that time when you will be read your Miranda rights and enjoy all the comforts of prison."

Thankfully, nobody was injured in the operation (whose code name was: 'Midterms'), because based upon how long it took to get this scumbucket,, his pursuers may have pulled a muscle or broken their walkers.

Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio believe this terrorist should be sent to Guantanamo Bay Detention, but you're more likely to see a rabbi as the Saudi King's spiritual advisor before Obama would agree to adding a terrorist to Gitmo.