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Saturday, June 14, 2014

ISIS in Iraq as Heads Roll

Today it's Iraq, tomorrow it's Syria, if ISIS has its way. Then perhaps it will be Turkey until they can get to the final solution and finish off Israel and kill all the Jews. It isn't that they personally know any Jews who they hate, it's just that their "holy" book tells them it's the right thing to do. Of course, they don't have many nice things to say about Christians either, but they have their priorities.

President Barack Hussein Obama has no immediate plans to deal with this world crisis, but perhaps he'll take a poll and see what the public thinks he should do before he makes up his mind. In the meanwhile, he has some rounds of golf to play and there's nothing more important than that for him.

With ISIS planning to march into Baghdad, however, Obama is feeling a wee bit of pressure to do something politically expedient so he'll get back to us on that, after he speaks to his foreign advisers, he advised us. He speaks as if he's still learning what his role is as president, and keeping us abreast of it.

So here's what's going on in the Middle East as I write this.

First of all, the Shi'ites hate the Sunnis even though both groups are Muslims and they hate each other for religious reasons. Go figure. So they fight and kill each other for sport and consider the other group to be infidels. who have polluted Islam. If only they could learn to lovingly co-exist, to compromise, then they could fight the real infidels of the world: everyone else.

Iraq is a Shi-ite majority nation, with only 20% Sunni. The Shi'ites currently control the government and would like to rid themselves completely of Sunni influence. Iraq has already done a bang up job of getting rid of the Christians and an even better job of ridding the nation of Jews, most of whom are dead or fled.

But the word on the sand is that ISIS has its eyes set on Kashmir and would like to "free" it from India so that they can join the world jihad hate-fest. Not every Indian in Kashmir thinks this is a bad idea.

Meanwhile, there are Iraqi heads lining the roads near Tikrit and Mosul and more death and destruction is in the forecast as Obama is considering his options. Imagine if he planned things in advance.