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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Insecurity and Our Borders

The US border is as effective at keeping illegal aliens out of the country as the VA is at expediting treatment for our veterans.

We have become a dumping ground for people who are looking for free stuff from our government, and a country that will care and educate their children on our dime. Where illegal aliens become recipients of US tax dollars, Democrats will become recipients of their votes--it's a win-win for both groups.

 Now I sincerely feel empathy for the thousands upon thousands of children who have been sent here with the assurances that they will not be sent back to their home country, but it doesn't seem fair to those immigrants who have come here legally, gone through the application process, and became citizens.`

The Democrats and some RINOs say it's time for immigration reform while conservatives say that we need to secure our borders first and foremost. The Democrats said that our borders are secure. They lied like Jay Carney on steroids.

The administration, as is typical of them, is defying the First Amendment by not allowing the press to photograph or interview the kids. I guess they didn't want the public to photograph Obama on our side of the border with a checker flag as they came across in droves.

There are scant bathrooms, no showers, and many of the children are sick, but they come here because Obama has given them the signal that it's okay.

It isn't as if we have unlimited resources for these new arrivals. In 2012 about 251 thousand children went into foster care and the total number in the system that year was 400 thousand. It's outrageous to think we can continue along this line of human influx and serve the children effectively. Amnesty doesn't serve the children it serves the Democrats.

It isn't a humanitarian crisis we have here, it's a political ploy.