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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Al Qaeda's Junior Varsity Scores Big

An al Qaeda faction has taken over two cities in Iraq, and look like they're on a deadly roll. According to Barack Obama, al Qaeda did it with their jay-vee team because according to our fearless leader, al Qaeda is on the run and their "B" team is all that's left and their  varsity team is decimated. Imagine if they still had their varsity. But of course, they do.

While the Taliban Five Dream Team along with their Twenty Taliban Wives are not implicated in this latest Islamic attack and takeover, Mosul and Tikrit have fallen along with a number of Iraqi heads . . . literally. Must've been their "B" team.

Chuck Hagel, our "brilliant" Secretary of Defense, has assured us that we have nothing to worry about over our releasing the Dream Team Beheaders. But Harry Reid admitted in that soft, ya-ya sisterhood voice, that he is glad they're gone from this country. 

Obama said it is absolutely possible these jihadists may follow their Koran and follow their religious path. That should make us all feel safe and secure.

Joe-the-Village-Idiot-Biden calls these guys amateurs. "They aren't even using their own vehicles to attack these cities--they had to steal the military vehicles we gave to the Iraqi army. That's just not fair." Just kidding--Biden didn't really say that and probably has no clue about what's happening in the Middle East yet--he's too busy hanging out with the illegal immigrant kids, future Democrats, providing them with ice cream and legal assistance.

Now that the al Qaeda jay-vee team has kicked butt in Iraq while the Iraq army fled in the tens of thousands, and those who remained now remain headless, Dumbocrats are scrambling to get in front of cameras to deny that the Taliban and al Qaeda are real terrorists. I guess they're just poor, misunderstood Muslims, like Hillary is just a poor, misunderstood feminist who once had serious money problems after the purchase of the two homes and sending Chelsea to Columbia.