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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Atheist Convention Democrats, the Weather and Islam

Five Democrats are slated to speak at an annual conference in Washington D.C. The keynote speaker for the Secular Coalition for America's annual Lobby Day and Secular Summit will be Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, a Democrat with a very presidential name.

The agenda will also include a documentary critical of African American churches and will star the Rev. Al Sharpton. Just kidding. But it will make the usual secular-atheist case against Christianity and really against Israel and Jews, but will probably not have much to say about Islam, the problems with the Koran, Obama's warm relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood, and terrorism.

There will also be a panel discussion titled: "Supporting Science in Lawmaking," which will address "climate change deniers," but will not allow debate on the issue from other scientists because president Obama said that the debate is over, and he is believed to have taken a general science class while attending a Muslim school in Indonesia.

But Obama is correct. Climate change now goes by the name "the seasons."

Admission to this incredible event is $99 but is free to students, minorities, and members of the lesbian and gay community. However, if you are a black lesbian or gay student, you are entitled to free Fluke brand condoms.