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Thursday, May 8, 2014

"Just a Bunch of Guys Who Decided to Go for a Walk: What difference does it make?"

"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained, you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle." Sun Tzu, The Art of War. 

Hillary Clinton doesn't know the enemy and she does not seem to really know herself. In a Fox News report today, by Judson Burger and the Fox News team, it was revealed the Hillary "What-Difference-Does-It-Make" Clinton and the State Department refused to label Boko Haram as a terrorist organization.

Of course, since the kidnapping by this group of almost 300 Nigerian schoolgirls, she has called their actions "abominable," and said it was an act of terrorism the merits "the fullest response possible."

But she didn't always feel this way about Boko Haram.

She and her State Department repeatedly blocked efforts to call the group what they are: terrorists. This has been going on since 2011 and because of this lack of leadership and obvious incompetence, the United States lost a good chance to find and target these maggots.

What follows is a brief history of Boko Haram. 

It was formed in 2002 by Mohammed Yusuf and has been targeting Christians, government facilities and workers, bombing churches, attacking schools and police stations. Most recently it set fire to a boys school and when some of the children tried to escape the flames, they were shot and killed.

Prior to this, in 1995, the group went under the name: Shabaab Muslim Youth Organization with Mallam Lawai as their leader. When Lawai left to study Islam in a deeper context, the group was taken over by Mohammed Yusuf in 2002. It was at this point in time the name Boko Haram was adopted. The name basically means "Western Education is Evil." They should have added: "But murdering defenseless innocents is our religious duty." 
 Killed by guys who decided to go for a walk

The real violence by Boko Haram began in 2009 when these maggots attacked government facilities and a UN facility. Yusuf was killed in police custody (he may have fallen down a flight of stone stairs, what difference does it make?) and Abubakar Shekau took over. He's the terrorist who recently appeared in a video bragging that he has captured the 276 girls, and 8 more girls after ward, and sold them as wives and sex slaves for about $12 each. The selling of female sex slaves is in the Islamic scripture.

Shekau is a devout Muslim who believes in the goals of the organization: establishing a "pure" Islamic state rule by sharia law, and ending what he deems as "Westernization," which is the act of enjoying life, music, dancing, a good glass of wine, bacon and eggs, and equality for women.

On March 30, 2012, Rep. Peter King, (R-NY) and Rep. Patrick Meehan (R-PA) sent a letter to Hillary Clinton, urging her to "immediately designate" Boko Haram a terrorist group, citing that it had killed over 900 people in the last two years. By doing so, a number of punitive measures could be put in place. 

But Hillary still resisted and even lobbied Congress to stall legislation to make the designation. Just another one of Hillary Clinton's instances of poor judgment and incompetence. If you disagree that she is incompetent, then you would have to label her seditious.

Since Shekau took over, violence has increased in both intensity and frequency, all Hillary aside. But it wasn't until November 2013 that Boko Haram was labeled a terrorist group by Swiftboat Kerry.

I am not singing Kerry ballads, however. He is still an anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, anti-American, pro-communist, fat-headed, gigolo, who speaks like Bob Cole calling an NHL game. Put that aside and I still dislike him--most Viet Nam veterans agree with me.

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