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Friday, May 9, 2014

You Can't Insult Islam

Raif Badawi, co-founder of the "Saudi Arabian Liberals" website is accused of writing anti-Islam thoughts on his blog. He was found to be guilty and is to serve 10 years in prison, and oh yeah, I almost forgot, 1000 lashes. I hope the "person" meting out the punishment uses a wet noodle because it doesn't take even 100 lashes to kill a person if they wanted to do that.

According to Muslim "scholars," you can insult Islam by: being born Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, atheist, gay, or lesbian. Cooking bacon in an area where a Muslim can smell the flavorful aroma is insulting and you will be asked to stop cooking it--if you refuse, you will either be beaten or taken to court by CAIR.

 If you analyze their "holy" scripture, such as questioning their math or astronomy (the sun does not set in a muddy puddle at the end of the day), or talk about Muhammed in less than glowing terms (marrying a girl when you are 52 and she is 9 is pedophilia according to some people), you are insulting Islam.

If you point out how Islam is wrong in any way, (for example, the idea of having sex with your slaves, or even having slaves; or how drinking camel urine isn't all that great that Muslims say it is--it will not cure cancer or make your hair shine), you are insulting Islam.

But the real question is: can you really insult Islam at all?

To insult is to make the object of your insulting words or deeds feel humiliated, angry, displeasure, resentment, or having wounded feelings. Islam has no feelings--it is not a living thing, it is a "religion," or an organized system of beliefs. You cannot insult a belief, but you sure can insult those who hold those beliefs. And thus lies the underlying truth.

Muslims, especially those who are orthodox Muslims, (i.e., jihadists, extremists, terrorists, etc.) become extremely insulted when you question their fragile belief system. If you do not believe their belief system is fragile, go to any video debate challenging Islam (you can try JihadWatch.com or FaithFreedom.org for websites that have links to these debates) and see how Muslim apologists attack the person they debate rather than the actual issues being debated.

If a cartoon or a movie can lead to murder if it questions Islam, or shows it for what it is, there is something highly fragile about this religion of peace. 

Political correctness will be our undoing as a free society. It's already rearing its ugly head with the left when it disregards the U.S. Constitution and stifles free speech and expression.

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